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Introducing Southern Ocean Media

I’m delighted to announce the Southern Ocean Media website is now live, showcasing some of the high-end narrative podcasts I’ve done – including my latest one called “The Confession” – and providing a glimpse at exciting new projects already in development.

Southern Ocean Media podcasts will transport you into other worlds through the power of storytelling and immersive sound. And these won’t be made up stories, they’re real life, with characters, themes, and plot lines that appeal to a global audience.

This is still investigative journalism but done in a different, and I believe, better way. I want our stories to challenge, provoke thought, create emotion and empathy. I want them to last.

The shelf life and audience engagement of even the best journalism in written formats is relatively short. This isn’t the case with world class podcasts. They grip audiences like nothing else and find new listeners year after year. This is what makes the medium so exciting. A good podcast is a highlight of the day for many people.

Podcasts also create a superb foundation for transition to screen for documentaries or limited series, enabling great stories to have another life and reach even more people.

While the creation and production of narrative podcasts is our main aim, it’s not the only thing Southern Ocean Media is into.

The company has devised a small number of highly targeted, bespoke “chat” style podcasts on topics with appeal to a defined audience.

If that’s not enough, Southern Ocean Media also has ambitions to bring certain stories it has under development straight to screen in documentary or limited series format. Stay tuned for some announcements on this front.

It’s an ambitious agenda no doubt. But one month into the Southern Ocean Media journey there’s lots to be excited about.

Of course, none of this can be done alone. And I’m thrilled to have already made so many connections with prospective partners and platforms here in Australia and abroad.

The one thing I can assure you of is that Southern Ocean Media will always stay true to its motto of providing stories with depth.