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Our Story

Southern Ocean Media is a premium storytelling company launched by acclaimed Australian investigative journalist and podcaster, Richard Baker.

Our goal is “stories with depth” and our ambition is to be the southern hemisphere’s best independent creator of podcasts, documentaries and limited series.

Since 2016, Richard has created, co-written and hosted four chart-topping Australian investigative narrative podcasts, Phoebe’s Fall, Wrong Skin, The Last Voyage of the Pong Su and The Confession.

These podcasts were made for Australian newspapers, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and have been internationally recognised with multiple awards, critical praise and a licensing deal with the BBC.

In exciting news, Southern Ocean Media has signed a major deal with LiSTNR in Australia to deliver two new investigative podcasts for 2023.

Richard is also working on adaptations of two of his podcasts for streamers with production companies in Australia and the USA. Southern Ocean Media has also teamed up with leading Australian production company JAM TV on an exciting new television project.

Richard is available for select media consultancy work, including scripting and narrative advice for audio and screen projects, crisis management and advice on how to talk to journalists and get your side of the story across.

Contact Richard Here.